Diamond Foam 5L
5 Litres
Diamond Foam 5L
Highly concentrated (dilution of 1:300), strong alkaline mix ideal for washing cars and trucks. 1 MAN use 1 L of SOAP – WASHES 10 Garbage Trucks 20 min per truck.
  / 5 Litres
70ML - 100 ML
method only uses 50ml - 100ml per passenger vehicle

Its creamy foam is characterised by its extraordinary cleaning and clinging capacity.

It can also be used for washing vans and trucks and also works well as an insect remover. Easy Wash Diamond effortlessly removes the heaviest level of soiling. Recommended for prewash with a nebulizer in car washes fitted with high-pressure units and foaming systems.

Don’t use on polished aluminium tanks and bull bars