Easywash History

At the beginning of 2007, I introduced a new and innovative system of washing cars and trucks in the Australian market . Nerta's Snow Foam products had revolutionized the way vehicles were cleaned in the European market and I saw an opportunity to expand the product into Australia.

In this way I became a pioneer on Australian market, bringing the snow foam method of washing. I am very proud of the progress we have made over the last few years - thanks to the chain I've created with the help of my distributors, we were able to expand the sales throughout the whole Australia.

We soon found that the market in Australia differed from that of the European one. One of the main differences we found is the climate. Often the products behaved differently in our warmer climate. We soon realised that there was a need to modify the products to better suit the Australian conditions.

Based on both my experience and feedback, we have formulated a new snow foam product. These new and improved products are called Easy Wash.

Easy Wash is manufactured in Europe but is tailored to suit Australian conditions. In Europe, trucks are usually washed undercover whilst in Australia, trucks are usually washed in open areas. Given the higher temperatures in Australia, the products needed to be able to withstand the harsh sunlight, increases in temperature and not dry too quickly.

In addition to this, European trucks do not carry polished tanks or bull bars. Easy Wash Jumbo Foam is safe for use on the polished aluminium parts often found on trucks.

Easy Wash has been available in Australia since 2016. The products have had an incredible amount of positive feedback. The entire range is safe for use, easy to use, very effective in cleaning and reasonably priced. The cost of washing an average truck is around $1.40. It generally takes around 20 minutes for one person to wash an average sized truck.

The Easy Wash products can also be used without the snow foam method. Easy Wash Diamond is very popular among users who still prefer the traditional bucket and sponge method for washing. Using this method, you would need to dilute 1 litre of product with 300 litres of water. If you are using a small bucket with water, you would need to allow 7 millilitres of the product.